From Shelter to Sofa – Meet Kash!

When you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue, you see that pet transform once coming into a home environment. Shelters and rescues can be very stressful for dogs- they are loud, and due to the shelter crisis in the United States, most shelters are at capacity. We humans can turn around and walk out when we get overwhelmed- these poor dogs do not have that option! Did you know that it takes anywhere from two weeks to six months for animals to completely decompress once adopted- transitioning from shelter life can be challenging!

Meet Kash- a six-year-old Yorkie who was surrendered to a shelter and transformed once adopted by one of our team members! Kash was not in the best shape when he was adopted and was surrendered after living in a home his entire life. He was unneutered, matted, and had several rotting teeth. Since being adopted, Kash has won the hearts of everyone he meets!

Join the Race for Life mission so we can help rescue dogs like Kash, where they have a second chance at a furever home!