From Shelter to Sofa – Meet Kash!

When you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue, you see that pet transform once coming into a home environment. Shelters and rescues can be very stressful for dogs- they are loud, and due to the shelter crisis in the United States, most shelters are at capacity. We humans

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What is Race for Life Rescue?

Did you know that around 4 million companion animals enter the U.S shelter system each year? That seems like an insanely high number, but the saddest statistic is that out of those 4 million cats and dogs, roughly 350,000 are euthanized and never make it out of the shelter. Over

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Don’t Forget About the Felines!

Cats need transport just as much as dogs do; it is estimated that out of the 6.2 million companion animals that enter the U.S shelter system yearly, 3.2 million are cats! A phrase you may hear at your local shelter is ‘kitten season,’ which is the period most commonly from

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